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Tourist Home

The Commission will consider a tourist home license, if satisfied that
  1. the premises, its furnishings, equipment and facilities are of a high standard;
  2. the premises have been designated as an inn, bed and breakfast, guest home or tourist home by an accommodations rating program recognized by the Commission;
  3. the tourist home has accommodations of not less than 3 rooms that are rented to the travelling public;
  4. the tourist home provides personalized hospitality directed by the owner or operator;
  5. the owner or operator of the tourist home maintains a register of all guests.
The holder of a tourist home license may sell and serve liquor upon the licensed premises to guests of the tourist home on such days and subject to such conditions as may be specified in the license.

The holder of a tourist home license shall not permit any person under the age of nineteen years of consume liquor on the premises.

Upon receipt of an application and the fee of one hundred and twenty-five ($125.00) dollars, or seventy-five ($75.00) dollars for six months.

An application for a tourist home license shall be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of one hundred ($100.00) dollars.

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Jamie MacLeod


Liquor License Application Requirements 2016

The Applicant must supply all information required in its final form before any application is considered for licensing.

*Printable version of this form [56 KB PDF File]

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