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Class I (give away)

  • Authorization: Section 4(B) of the Liquor Control Act and Regulations
  • Type: Class I
  • Fee: $20.00
  • Purpose: Entitles the holder to give liquor away.
  • Who can apply: Any person or association, whether incorportated or unincorporated, may obtain a permit if the function is operated for purposes other than commercial or financial gain.
  • Type of event: Must be of a private nature open to persons who are invited to attend.
  • Premise: The event must take place in a premise that is owned or occupied by a school board, a church, municipality or public authority or in respect of an event taking place on any other premises where the Commission is satisfied that the premises are appropriate for holding the event specified in the application.
  • Hotel Suite or Hospitality Room Permit is not required because the room is considered the rentor’s premise.
  • Authority: Permit must have the approval of the appropriate authority for the premise. If the authority is not listed with the Commission, the permit will be denied until such time as proper authority is received.
  • Application: Should be made seven days in advance of the event to the PEILCC.
  • Minors: Minors are not permitted except as allowed by Regulations.
  • Hours of Permit: The function will cease at 2:00 a.m. and premises cleared by 2:30 a.m. or as approved by the Commission.
  • Liquor Purchases: All liquor purchased must be purchased in the amounts indicated on the original application.
  • Placing of Liquor Orders:
    • Orders should be placed at least two days in advance of any event to allow the store time to make up the order.
    • Orders should be picked up before Friday at 4:00 p.m.
  • Restrictions:
    • Permits cannot be issued to a premise which is the holder of a liquor license
    • The person whose name appears on the permits must sign the permit and be at the function as the person in charge
    • The permits must be on the premise, as well as a copy of the liquor order
    • Persons in charge and servers of alcohol are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages before or while on duty.
  • Responsibility: As a permit holder you are operating a licensed premise. You are, therefore, bound by all Regulations pertaining to a licensed premise and can be held liable for irresponsible service of alcohol
  • Return of Goods: Wine & Spirits with undamaged labels and seals attached will be accepted at Head Office for a restocking fee of 5%; there is no restocking fee charged on the return of beer.

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