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Special Occasion Permits

A Permit is a one-day license which authorizes the holder to give (class I) or sell (class II) alcoholic beverages to invited guests at events of a private nature.

The Commission may grant a permit to any person or association, whether incorporated or unincorporated, that is operated for purposes other than commercial or financial gain, when:

  1. the person or organization files with the commission an application in the prescribed form and pays the prescribed fee;
  2. the license is issued in respect of an event taking place on premises that are owned or occupied by a school board, church, municipality or public authority if filed with the Commission; or
  3. the license is issued in respect of an event taking place on any other premises where the Commission is satisfied that the premises are appropriate for holding the event specified in the application; and
  4. the premises in respect of which the license is to be issued conforms to standards suitable to the Commission.

The fee for a Class I permit shall be twenty ($20.00) dollars;
The fee for a Class II permit shall be fifty ($50.00) dollars.

No permit shall be issued in respect of any function to be held on licensed premises.

No permit is required for an event taking place on personal private property providing the liquor is being given and not sold. At no time is liquor allowed to be sold without benefit of an approved permit as outlined above.

All liquor must be purchased from the Commission. Exception:  Kegged beer may be directly purchased from a manufacturer licensed by the Commission.

Donated liquor is not allowed.

Please refer to the links below for the guidelines and application form for a Class I or Class II permit.

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